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Posted: 8/3/2006

PORTLAND, OR – August 3, 2006 Charles Baker, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of OnScreen Technologies™, Inc. (OTCBB:ONSC), the global leader in developing cutting edge thermal management technologies for integrated circuits and LED signage, today issued the following corporate update and shared some insight into the Company’s future growth strategies:

“When I agreed to assume the helm of OnScreen, it was with the expressed intent to help build an enduring company capable of effecting profound technological and industry advances in the delivery of cost-effective, high performance thermal management solutions.  Driven by a number of important developments at OnScreen over the past several months, we have arrived at a critical juncture in the evolution of our Company and now stand poised to experience what we believe could be a significant break-out in the coming year.    

“Centered squarely on our novel technology and product platforms, OnScreen’s milestone-driven objectives for the coming 12 months are now fine-tuned and crystal clear.  First and foremost is the commercialization of our innovative thermal cooling technology, WayCool, followed closely by accelerated market adoption of our RediAlert Rapid Dispatch Emergency Sign. 

“Following extensive third party testing in the lab and in real-world applications, WayCool has continued to demonstrate remarkably efficient cooling capabilities – even under constrained conditions with high power densities and limited access to airflow; and has performed far superior than prevailing static cooling devices currently used for cooling integrated circuits. In fact, given the competitive advantages of WayCool, which include low manufacturing cost, instantaneous heat removal (regardless of power density of the electronic component to be cooled), low mass, supreme scalability and ability to adapt to any possible form factor, we believe that our technology may indeed hold the potential to corner the thermal cooling market. 

“To fully capitalize on WayCool’s disruptive potential, we have elected to adopt a business model providing for application and/or industry-specific licensing and royalty arrangements with world class strategic partners.  In this regard, we have engaged in identifying and pursuing discussions with a number of target companies addressing multi-billion markets, including high-end PCs/servers, electronic gaming devices, military weapon systems, radar systems, avionics and automotive computer systems, among others.   It is our aim to announce our first licensing deal by the end of the calendar year.

“Due to the fact that the 2006 hurricane season is now upon us, there also exists a sizable and timely opportunity for OnScreen to achieve immediate and measurable traction in positioning our RediAlert Rapid Dispatch Emergency Sign as a vital communication tool for directing traffic flow and providing important routing information in the event of an evacuation.  

RediAlert’s value proposition in emergency preparedness is currently being evangelized nationwide by our new Chief Strategist, Michael Brown, former Under Secretary of Homeland Security and Director of FEMA.  Specifically, Michael is participating in high profile industry conferences, in interviews with the national press and in one-on-one meetings with key decision makers at the local, State and Federal levels.  In consideration of the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Michael has been in hot demand to opine on our Country’s current state of emergency and disaster preparedness, providing OnScreen with an ideal backdrop to educate law enforcement agencies, departments of transportation and government entities on the benefits of RediAlert. 

“With a concentrated sales and marketing initiative currently underway complementing Michael’s efforts, OnScreen fully expects to begin realizing revenue from initial sales of RediAlert in the current quarter. 

“Commercializing WayCool and building sales traction with RediAlert constitute the basis of our Company’s future growth strategy and provide for notable revenue growth both in the short and long run, if we prove successful.  Because these key objectives are ambitious, it is essential that we leverage and maximize our Company’s resources with express discipline and thoughtful execution.  We are committed to that end.

“In closing, I’d like to formally welcome our new shareholders; thank our loyal shareholders who have stood by us with their unwavering support and confidence; and invite all prospective investors to pay very close attention to OnScreen over the next several months.  If you give us the opportunity to perform, we believe you will come to find we are indeed a company on the move and one that could be destined for greatness,” concluded Baker.

About OnScreen Technologies, Inc.
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, OnScreen Technologies, Inc. has pioneered and is commercializing innovative thermal management solutions capable of revolutionizing the LED display, semiconductor and electronic packaging industries.  Utilizing its patent-pending thermal technologies and architecture, OnScreen has developed highly advanced, proprietary LED display solutions and cooling applications that provide increased performance and are less expensive to install and support than competing products and technologies.   For more information, please visit 

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